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1. Warranty
We provide life long warranty
Warranty period, only at nominal fee, system maintenance for life. 
repair certificate, invoices needed

If structural failure undergone within 15 days since the products sold, replacement is allowed.;
If there are two or more maintenance in a month, and it still can't work properly, you have the right of return according to the corresponding provisions of state law.

Appearance of replacement should be intact, attachments must be complete, or else we do not responsible for it

One of the following circumstances do not enjoy free retirement:
changing, and free "three guarantees"
1 )due to the improper use, maintenance, and  custody,
2 )Unauthorized demolition or repair of moving
3 )Without The Three Guarantees certificate and valid invoice
4 )EE、、Products guarantee card and buy evidence do not correspond to the type of the products, bar code or alter
5 )Due to damage caused by force majored

Telephone Enquiry Service
TEL:86-028-83053368   86-83968368   86-66386882   86-66386880。
SERVICE LINE: 13980515028


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